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Would you like to help?

You can support [Jouw] Kinderziekenhuis in many different financial ways. Every gift - big or small - could improve the future of countless children in a remarkable way. Aside for the best possible medical care, we also offer our patients a warm place where they can fully develop despite the disease.


As a company, we wish to support Kinderziekenhuis financially


Thanks to your support, [Jouw] Kinderziekenhuis becomes a place where we can cure a lot of young patients, but also where they can laugh, learn, make friends and especially be the children that they are.

Leave your information and we will contact you. On behalf of all the children: a very heartfelt thank you!

Donate to Kinderziekenhuis

By donating, you personally create a better future for every patient in [Jouw] Kinderziekenhuis. Donating to [Jouw] Kinderziekenhuis is easy.

You can deposit the amount you wish to donate on the following account: BE45 7340 1941 7789 [Biccode KREDBEBB] with the following notification: 400/0012/39316. This amount will directly and entirely go to the infrastructure and workings of [Jouw] Kinderziekenhuis.

Support Kinderziekenhuis by means of an event or party

You can donate to [Jouw] Kinderziekenhuis as a charity by means of a (family) party or an event. You will receive a unique deposit reference number with which your guests can transfer a donation. We would love to give you some more information.

Put Kinderziekenhuis in your will.

Even if you are no longer amongst us, you still can still make a difference for the children in [Jouw] Kinderziekenhuis. Do you wish to include us in your will? This is possible in the form of a legacy. Find out more.

These people are already participating

Thanks to the kind support of these companies, [Jouw] Kinderziekenhuis can become an even better place for our young patients.