The Project

Looking at the future

UZ Leuven is building a brand-new children’s hospital.

The current children’s hospital is located in one of the oldest buildings of campus Gasthuisberg. Even though we provide excellent medical care, this old infrastructure does not allow us to offer the best inpatient care for children.

Moreover, pediatricians do more than simply cure diseases: they want to offer children the chance to grow into healthy adults. To build a new children’s hospital that will be the benchmark for future pediatric care, we are looking for financial support.

About UZ Leuven

With almost 2000 beds, UZ Leuven is the biggest hospital in Belgium. Both at the national and international level UZ Leuven is regarded as a center of excellence for qualitative medicine, education and research. Every day more than 9000 motivated employees commit themselves to offer diversified and specialised care for every patient on campus Gasthuisberg, Pellenberg, Sint-Pieter and Sint-Raphaël. Furthermore, those employees feel very strongly about the continuous improvement and renovation of this service.

About our children's hospital

There are more than 30 specialized pediatricians in the children's hospital who can count on the support of physicians in training and more than 200 nurses. Every year they carry out more than 36.000 consultations and more than 3000 ward rounds. The children’s hospital has 118 beds for hospitalization. This includes 13 medium-care beds, 30 beds for in the medical day-unit and 5 hemodialysis stations. The new building will include an integrated platform for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy... But physicians and employees of Kinderziekenhuis collaborate intensely. There is a strong partnership with the neonatal and pediatric intensive care departments, the pediatric surgical departments, radiology, the centre for developmental disorders, the child psychiatry centre and the accident and emergency department.

The approach of the children’s hospital

[Jouw] Kinderziekenhuis goes beyond merely medical care: we treat children holistically and protect their full potential. That is why we organize our care around the individual and not around age or disease. A multidisciplinary team counsels each child in every aspect of the disease, but also in every aspect of his or her life. In the children’s hospital pediatricians from several subdisciplines work together with nurses, social workers, logistic workers, dietitians, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, play and music therapists, teachers, administrative employees... All those people ensure that every child feels welcome and that their development is not brought to a halt because of the illness.